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i'm kisha, 19.
fun, light hearted, and easy going.

creeper(s) here.

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I never post selfies for you guys 
here ya go 🌜🌿

I spent 11 hours at magic kingdom yesterday 😍

Sometimes the only medicine you need is the reminder that life goes on. After all, the sun will never stop shining for the gloom of a cloudy day.

fat thighs

how did I get so lucky?

here’s a selfie with my magical kitty shirt 😺

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I love surprises 😻

so ready to wreck this journal 🎨

and I constantly think about the cute little things you do and say that you don’t even realize. & I love the way you look at me. I love it so much. then when you’re already hugging me tight and I feel you try to hug a little tighter anyway. I love it. the little things. you’re amazing. I appreciate every aspect of you.

11:30 pm June 6, 2014

blue raspberry for breakfast

blue moon drive-in in guin, al with my love

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